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How to gets art kids motivated, interested, creating, and confident, can be a REAL challenge. The apathy on the art room battlefront is palpable. This has to be (in my humble opinion) the biggest challenge for any art teacher at any grade level. We fight constantly against the forces of evil – CELLPHONES, class interruptions, chatting, tiktok, […]

How to Improve Student Motivation in the Art Room

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The Importance of Relevant Art PD Art Workshops that provide relevant training for educators are an absolute must. Especially in the post-pandemic era. More than ever before, people are being placed in teaching positions that they are not equipped for – and not just Art Teachers. It’s happening across the board. These teachers need support […]

Art Workshops for Educators Middle and High School Art

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The Value of Using a Grid & The “Shoe Frenzy” I love to teach Drawing. Especially pencil drawing. All those gorgeous values, transitions and edges moving around in the composition at the same time. It’s pure art magic. It’s also the quickest way to grab your art students’ attention and keep it for the rest […]

Pencil Drawing – Tips for Success

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A simple soft serve ice cream drawing as a catalyst for student behavior- it sounds so simple. I’m here to tell you that it’s not only simple, it’s possible. Skills build confidence, which leads to invest and buy-in, and this leads to positive behaviors all throughout your middle or high school art classroom. Today we’re […]

How to Improve Student Behavior

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Acrylic Painting strategies for success can mean a lot of different things when teaching young artists how to paint. The setup and clean up alone can frustrate even the most seasoned educator. So how do we plan projects, buy supplies, formulate classroom procedures and set expectations so that students have optimal painting success? I’m about […]

Acrylic Painting Strategies for Success

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Festive Fabulousness guaranteed in your Art Classroom Teaching is about reflecting. Constant, incessant reflecting.  The questions are endless…and it goes something like this… Before the unit begins… Next step, actually teach the unit… (Unit unfolds perfectly, just as I imagined it, with no issues whatsoever and glowing, engaged children, gorgeous artwork, and perfect attendance – […]

Colored Pencil Holiday Bows Art Project

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The two drawing skills every art student should know to build confidence and grow engagement are simple. In my humble opinion, they are knowing how to sight relationships in a composition and knowing how to scale things up or down. Once kids understand these two basic concepts, they can draw just about anything, from just […]

Two Drawing Skills Every Art Student Should Know

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Teaching drawing to middle school and high school kids is intimidating. Teaching adults how to draw is intimidating. Drawing itself is intimidating. Knowing where to begin is intimidating. Heck, it’s all intimidating. “How much instruction is too much?” “How much is too little? “ “The kids tell me that drawing is so boring!” “I want […]

Teaching Drawing – A Scaffolded Approach

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Teach your middle or high school kids to learn how to draw using these methods for guaranteed success. Do I sound confident? Yes I do. Why am I so confident? Because I know this scaffolded method of teaching drawing works. “Can everyone learn how to draw?” My answer is a resounding YES. Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime. […]

Drawing Methods for Guaranteed Success

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