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Yes, my fellow educators, the battle is real. We live in a world that forces us to fight for attention. Not only for our attention, but especially the attention of our students. I have designed a strategy that delivers results every time. 

The battle for student
engagement is REAL

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The dream classroom.


Skills lead to confidence. Confidence leads to student engagement. Student engagement leads to commitment. Commitment leads to an attitude of excellence. 



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The Winning Strategy is Scaffolded Learning

The Victory is:

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I am a High School Art Educator turned Art Curriculum Designer with over 25 years teaching experience - the last 14 spent in the high school classroom.

The struggle may seem overwhelming, but I am here with good news. You can have engaged students, confident artists, and a well-managed classroom with a set of strategies that is simple and easy to implement. 

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Mrs T Fox - you are like my Art fairy godmother! Finding this was such a blessing. Your curriculum and the way you scaffold the skills makes perfect sense, and it worked beautifully with my students. THANK YOU!!!!

Bridget B.

The Classroom Management Guide is life changing in the way I approach teaching; it is sensible, wise, compassionate and I wish I had come across this advice years ago when I was starting out.

Sarina D.

I genuinely look forward to going to work in the morning knowing I have a (fool) proof plan that will give my students (and me) the confidence to create gorgeous art. Every. Single. Day.


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Want to make your dream classroom a reality?

I started my journey in the classroom thinking everyone would walk in and the students would be ready to work hard and treat me and everyone in the room with kindness, support and encouragement. Newsflash…No such luck.I decided to take a hard look at my curriculum and procedures. And with one simple approach, I hit pay dirt. 

My live recorded workshops show you exactly how to implement this scaffolded approach to learning in your middle or high school art room.

Educators tell me time and again how these methods have saved their careers. And they can’t believe how simple the strategies are. Because it works. Without fancy frills. Just getting back to basics. 

Discover the Method that Saves Careers

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Mrs. Fox, known for her creative flair, has been captivating art enthusiasts with her unique take on fox art. Her collection of foxes art showcases the playful and imaginative spirit of these fascinating creatures. From vibrant paintings to intricate sculptures, Mrs. Fox's artistic fox creations are a testament to her skill and passion. Each piece in her fox art collection tells a story, capturing the essence of these clever and charming animals in a way that resonates with admirers of fine art. Explore the world of Mrs. Fox's artistic endeavors, where the beauty of foxes comes to life through the lens of creativity and artistic expression.

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