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Oh. My. Goodness.

How many YouTube tutorials on blogging can a person watch before exasperation sets in?

And, B.T. Dubs (as the kids like to say) the “get your blog going in 10 minutes” videos need to change their titles….ten minutes….I’ve done two loads of laundry and I still can’t figure out how to change my author name or this dark blue background (if you’ve seen the rest of this website you can see it’s a work in progress too lolol)

If you’re here by chance or by choice, I promise if you return we will discuss all sorts of Art Education related stuff that will make your journey in the art room more enjoyable no matter what grade you teach.

My name is Tiffany Fox and I have been teaching high school art in North Carolina for 10 fabulous years.  Ten of the BEST years of my life. Until Covid. Until virtual learning threatened to hijack my sanity.

I love teaching. I love the sound of kids talking and milling about in my room (at the beginning and end of class, mind you, not during productive work time – we’ll talk about that too). I love watching kids learn and grow into fabulously creative people as they build their confidence.

Young people are our most precious commodity.

They need our commitment and our support.

They need structure.

They need kindness, mercy and grace.

Especially now.

I plan on blogging about all things art teacher related – with a special focus on teaching middle and high school art and establishing an attitude of excellence in the art classroom.

Topics like Classroom & Behavior Management, Scaffolding Learning, Teaching Painting, Teaching Drawing, Teaching AP Art, Unity in the Classroom, Building Confidence in your Artists, Designing Fun and Engaging Art Lessons, Writing Rubrics, etc.

And the list goes on and on….I even bought a notebook, the idea pages are filling up fast.

So for now I will return to trying to format this blasted page and I will charge straight ahead into leaning all things blogging.

Your time is valuable. I appreciate you stopping by to read this post on the day I almost chucked this MacBook through the window. One day as I blog from the treadmill on my phone I will read this original blogpost and laugh.

Today is for learning how not to cry.

I hope to see you soon. Stay safe.

Tiff 🙂

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