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Each assumption, debunked through proactive engagement and dedication, reveals the transformative potential within our art classrooms. By recognizing our role in shaping the learning environment and embracing responsibility, we empower our students to flourish within our curriculum. Every interaction, every choice contributes to the vibrant tapestry of artistic growth and discovery.

The Art Teacher Assumption Trap blog image for Mrs T Fox Resources

Art Teachers Should Stop Making These Six Vital Assumptions 

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Teaching Colored Pencils on a scaffold builds confidence that leads to engaged and driven students. That may sound simple or it may sound impossible, but it definitely works. And not for just middle and high school artists. I use this approach when I teach adults. Small steps. Big victories. Investment. Success. I’m starting to see […]

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Why kids don’t finish the art project…well, why don’t they? Today I’m going to focus on two reasons kids don’t finish the art project. Size and timeframe. How big is the task and how long does the student have to complete it. For some reason we think everything has to be 18×24 with a 3-week […]

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